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Practical, cost effective, proven MMC materials - exceptional performance, dramatic weight reduction

Metal matrix composite materials are not new. Engineers have long understood their potential. But concerns over development time, costs and technical complexity have limited their use to a few, specialised applications. CMT have addressed these issues by developing practical, affordable, low-risk solutions. Our continuous fibre reinforced, aluminium matrix composites (AMCs), the result of many man-years of research, can dramatically reduce component weight, improve strength and increase stiffness, producing a step change in functional attributes – all at an affordable cost and utilising proven manufacturing processes.

More of the same is no longer an option

Conventional metallic materials are reaching their limits – ferrous materials are heavy, aluminium and magnesium have poor specific properties, resulting in large, cumbersome components. Polymer composites are unsuitable for many highly loaded, discrete components, particularly those subject to off-axis, unexpected or complex load conditions. Operational efficiency and lightweight are now essential requirements for all industrial sectors, driven by legislative pressures and consumer demand. New solutions are required – CMT’s AMC materials can recalibrate the performance to weight compromise, producing package efficient, lightweight components of exceptional stiffness and strength.

Innovation with pragmatism

It is not enough to offer ground-breaking material solutions – they must be fast to market, with certified, repeatable performance and costs commensurate with industry expectations.  Established design and analysis methods, proven manufacturing processes and quality system certifications are all essential to create confidence in a technology and eliminate perceptions of risk and complexity. CMT has focused on these issues exclusively for the past five years – with the result that its materials are now practical, affordable and available at minimal risk. We understand how to apply these materials – let us help you do the same.

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CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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