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CFR-AMC: Continuous fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composite is a low density material with exceptional mechanical properties

The exceptional mechanical properties of aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) provide an opportunity to significantly reduce mass and improve component performance. Highly loaded ferrous components can be replaced by lightweight, low inertia parts with no increase in package size. Alternatively aluminium components to be significantly reduced in size.

CMT’s continuous fibre-reinforced AMCs (CFR-AMCs) enable a component to be around half the weight of the equivalent steel or cast iron component, with a significant reduction in volume (and package size) versus an aluminium part. However, the material does not just provide a weight reduction solution. Importantly, a CFR-AMC component will also have a substantially increased stiffness and lower inertia, improving the dynamic performance of the part.

The exceptional properties paired with the design flexibility of its anisotropic make-up has made CMT’s CFR-AMCs one of the most exciting materials to come to market since carbon fibre. However, unlike polymer matrix composites (PMCs) the transverse properties and elevated temperature performance are also exceptional, giving path to re-design many components in CFR-AMCs that have previously not been feasible in PMCs.

CMT has teamed up with C&J Antich to create a unique material using a 3D woven alumina preform infiltrate with a pure aluminium matrix. This unique combination has been branded under the name Aluminium Fibacore.

Please refer to our CFR-AMC table of properties below for more information.

A graph to represent continuous fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composite properties in comparison with other materials

L=Longditudinal to fibre direction, T=Trasverse to fibre direction

All materials normalised by density

Properties of Continuous-AMC

Mechanical Property Value
Longitudinal Modulus 240 GPa
Transverse Modulus 130 GPa
Shear Modulus 48-57 GPa
Longitudinal Tensile Strength 1600 MPa
Longitudinal Coefficient Thermal Expansion 7 ppm/°C
Mechanical Property Value
Transverse strength 230 MPa
Shear strength 70 MPa
Density 3.4 g/cc
Longitudinal compressive strength 2500 MPa
Transverse coefficient of thermal expansion 16ppm/°C

Maximum values for continuous fibre, unidirectional, aluminium matrix composite

CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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