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Design & Analysis

Our D&A team can help guide your Metal Matrix Composite design, backed up by in-depth CAE analysis

CMT can develop design solutions backed up by in-depth CAE analysis using its own in-house resources. CAD workstations running the Siemens NX 3D CAD package enable fully parametric design models to be developed for customers. CMT’s design team has extensive experience of specifying and designing AMC inserts and hybrid-AMC components and can apply the latest FEA techniques to their analysis. The integration of CAD and FEA analysis techniques is critical to ensuring the optimal design and use of inserts in hybrid-AMC applications, to provide maximum efficiency of fibre usage, optimising performance and reducing cost. CMT’s design staff can be utilised either to complement your own design resources or to undertake a full component design on your behalf.

Through its R&D work, CMT has established the material properties necessary for a comprehensive FEA analysis of unidirectional fibre preforms. Alongside this, collaborative project work with the National Composites Centre, part-funded by Innovate UK, has established a suite of FEA tools suitable for the analysis of hybrid-AMC applications.

  • Manufacturing & Materials Round 2 - Funded Project

    New volume production casting process for AMC-reinforced components

    CMT are delighted to have been awarded £1.6 million Innovate UK funded project with Ford UK and M Wright & Sons to aid the development of in-house gravity die o...

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  • New recruit!

    CMT are excited to announce more staff joining the AMC team

    Tom Fleet has joined CMT as a Graduate Materials Engineer. Tom will be working with the technical team, supporting the development of CMT’s materials. Tom has recen...

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CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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