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Lack of experience in working with metal matrix composites is not an inhibitor to component development. CMT will work collaboratively with a customer, transferring knowledge as required. Our goal is to make aluminium matrix composite materials a simple, low-risk choice.

The following is a typical product development process, based on a hybrid-AMC product with CMT taking the design lead:

  • On receipt of a customer enquiry, CMT will ask the client to supply specification details (CMT questionnaire), together with basic CAD and (if available) FEA data.
  • CMT will prepare a preliminary design proposal, sufficient to produce a ‘first sight’ cost estimate and confirm capability to meet specification, along with an outline project plan and proposal. (As hybrid-AMC requires the discrete placement of inserts within an aluminium component casting, the size and shape of which must be determined, this step is essential to estimate the piece cost of the final component.)
  • Subject to acceptance of the proposal and working in collaboration with the client’s design team, CMT will develop a design proposal, based on preform design, insert location, size and shape, using its bespoke FEA tools and experience. Wherever possible, CMT will specify a standard insert design, with pre-determined properties, to reduce the necessity for material coupon testing and shorten lead times.
  • CMT will produce prototype inserts which will be subjected to testing and analysis at CMT’s premises to validate the FEA performance predictions.
  • CMT will work internally, or with a company nominated by the customer, to develop the overcasting tooling and process for component production, utilising flow modelling software. Prototype components will be manufactured for customer testing.
  • Subject to customer validation test approval, manufacturing feasibility will be confirmed and production planning undertaken to facilitate volume production.


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CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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