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Manufacturing processes

CMT’s manufacturing innovations have revolutionised the manufacture of continuous fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composite materials

Liquid Pressure Forming was originally developed by the UK’s MoD for military applications and then licensed to CMT by the UK Government in 2003. CMT continued the process development and patented the resulting casting process technology, which it termed Advanced Liquid Pressure Forming (ALPF). CMT is able to manufacture AMC components and inserts in cycle times commensurate with volume production, through a unique die configuration and close modulation of casting temperature and pressure throughout the preform infiltration process. Initially, CMT focused on the manufacture of CFR-AMCs using unidirectional and 2D filament-wound fibre preforms. Subsequently, CMT has been collaborating with weaving companies to develop 3D woven fibre preforms, which are simpler to post-process and can be manufactured at a lower fibre density, reducing component cost. By modifying the weave design and varying the proportion of fibre in the X, Y and Z directions, preforms can be designed to address the load conditions of a specific component. However, as many components are subject to similar load cases, CMT and its weaving partner are working to develop a range of standard preform specifications and insert shapes, with pre-determined mechanical properties, to produce manufacturing economies of scale and reduce lead times for new components.

Working in close collaboration with a specialist casting company, CMT has developed the process for producing hybrid-AMC components, incorporating AMC inserts within an aluminium component casting. This proprietary process is able to locate fibre preforms discretely within a component just where strength or stiffness is required, leaving the remainder of the component unaffected. This dramatically reduces the amount of fibre required in a typical component to a few tens of grams. Extensive simulations and trials have been conducted to understand and document the conditions necessary for surface fusion of the inset to the overcast aluminium, without damaging the fibre alignment. This parameter optimisation can be applied to your new component designs to greatly reduce the development time for new hybrid-AMC components. 

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    CMT are excited to announce more staff joining the AMC team

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CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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