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AMCCAE - Funded Project

CMT, GE Aviation, YASA Motors and the National Composites Centre have successfully begun a £1.2 million pound Innovate UK funded project

Composite Metal Technology, together with the National Composites Centre and two industrial partners, YASA Motors and GE Aviation, are collaborating on a TSB-funded project to accelerate the take-up of advanced materials. Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs), when used as inserts within aluminium castings, can produce components of low weight and inertia, reduced package size and exceptional mechanical properties. However the lack of a comprehensive, validated set of computer design and analysis tools currently limits applications to simple component designs. This project will develop a new set of computer tools, enabling the industrial partners to design and manufacture complex AMC-reinforced components incorporating novel material architectures, without the need to resort to a ’make and test’ approach which results in unacceptably long product development timespans. The project will produce a step change in the number and variety of components that can benefit from the weight reduction opportunities afforded by these materials by providing industry with the tools to produce accurate predictions of component performance and optimised designs. - Public Statement

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Unique process from Die Casting Society member

Composite Metal Technology features in Cast Metal & Diecasting Times' September 2014 issue

Society member Composite Metal Technology Ltd (CMT) is an advanced materials company that specialises in the manufacture of metal matrix composites. Over the past 20 years CMT have developed a manufacturing process called Advanced Liquid Pressure Forming (ALPF) which can create a number of different metal matrix composites that have exceptional mechanical properties and are highly customisable.

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CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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