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Gwen Ventris MA FRSA - Non-Executive Chairman

Gwen has many years of executive and non-executive management experience in small, start-up, and large company environments, and is currently Executive Chairman of Speakerbus, an international technology company operating in the financial services sector.  She is the former Chief Operating Officer and Plc Board Executive of the AEA Group, and was a founding director of BT’s Systems and Consulting business, Syntegra, which she helped grow into a £1 billion business. Gwen holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy and Change, and has a good track record of successfully managing companies in a diverse range of businesses, as well as commercialising disruptive technologies. She is Chairman of RECLAIM, a social justice charity, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts,  and a Business Mentor for The Princes Trust. Gwen joined CMT as Non-Executive Chairman on 1st May 2017, to assist the Company is realising the full-scale exploitation of its ground-breaking advanced materials technology.

Neil Collins BSc MSc - Chief Executive

Neil is one of the cofounders of CMT, and has been responsible for the day-to-day management of the Group since its incorporation.  Before establishing CMT Neil worked for Cray Electronics Holdings Plc, a fully quoted public listed company on the London Stock Exchange with sales of over £100 million per annum.  The Cray Group was not only actively involved in the advanced materials technology sector, but was also the original head licensee for the Liquid Pressure Forming technology, which was the forerunner to CMT’s Advanced Liquid Pressure Forming technology.  In 2005 Neil took over as Chief Executive with overall responsibility for the running of the business.

John Bonas - Operations Director

John has over 20 years of design and production engineering experience and has held senior positions in a number of successful engineering companies. Before joining CMT John worked as a Senior Design Engineer for 14 years at Xtrac, which has become recognised as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturer of ultra-reliable transmission systems for a wide variety of different sectors including Formula One, Rally, IndyCar, SportsCar, GT, Touring Cars and Moto GP, as well as other sectors such as transportation, defence and marine. At Xtrac John was primarily responsible for the design and development of motorsport transmissions and their associated complex castings and components. Since joining CMT in August 2014 John has proved himself to be a key member of the management team as well as a first class designer and has taken over responsibility for managing the Company’s information technology and security. In April 2016 John was appointed as the Company’s Operations Manager, and in April 2017 he joined the Board as Operations Director.

Gemma Christian BEng MSc CEng - Technical Director

Gemma is a highly qualified materials engineer with a first class honours degree in engineering and a master of science degree in advanced materials.  She has worked in the field of composite materials for some of the world’s leading aerospace companies, including Airbus and GE Aviation, and is a Chartered Engineer as well as a Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.  Since joining the Group in February 2014 Gemma has taken on the role of technical lead in a number of key projects.  In September 2015 Gemma was promoted to Chief Technology Officer with overall responsibility for leading CMT’s technical operations, and research and development activities, and in April 2017 was appointed to the Board as Technical Director.

Jack Taylor BEng - Commercial Manager

Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Jack gained first hand business experience at the London-based headhunting firm, Annapurna. Jack’s main function at Annapurna was business development, and he succeeded in helping to double the Company’s turnover, and increase the headcount by 500% in just 3 years. Jack joined CMT in 2013 as Commercial Manager.  His main responsibilities include conducting market research, monitoring UK and European funding initiatives, identifying new business opportunities, writing bid documents, negotiating contractual arrangements, undertaking proof-of-market studies, delivering commercial presentations, maintaining the company website, processing sales enquiries, preparing quotations, providing project management support, representing the company at trade shows, exhibitions and other networking events, and customer relations.

CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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