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Why CMT?

CMT was established in 2003 to exploit an innovative, patented method for the manufacture of continuous fibre reinforced aluminium matrix composite materials. Through continuous refinement of this manufacturing process, and the addition of extensive engineering and customer support services, CMT has built a reputation as a partner of choice for AMC application development.

Through the years, the company has continued to invest in research and development, to improve its manufacturing processes and develop a comprehensive understanding of the properties, behaviour and application of AMC materials. This work has enabled production of AMC components and inserts of high quality, reliably and repeatedly. In parallel, CMT has enhanced its skills, experience and facilities to provide a ‘full service’ capability for its customers – from concept through to production, with in-house design, analysis, prototyping, test and evaluation facilities.

Since 2007, CMT has been located in modern, stand-alone industrial premises on the Prisma Business Park in Basingstoke. CMT’s premises comprise two-storey offices and three factory units, the latter housing CMT’s production facility, materials evaluation and testing laboratories, secondary processing equipment and research and development facilities.

CMT remains focused on its corporate mission – to be a world-leading advanced materials technology company, delivering high quality, cost-effective, metal matrix composite solutions for its customers.


What differentiates us?

At CMT, we are a small business with substantial ambition. We focus on maintaining the flexibility and dynamism of an SME but understand and address the requirements of our customers, irrespective of whether they manufacture specialist or volume products. Our most valuable asset is our people. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, they are dedicated to maximising customer satisfaction, partnering with their customer from concept to production to ensure the best, most economical, product solutions.

Working with metal matrix composites can be intimidating technically. The materials are anisotropic, with different mechanical properties in each of the X, Y and Z directions. The material properties can be designed to suit a component, rather than, as with conventional materials, a component being designed to the constraints of the material properties. In the past, this perceived complexity has been an inhibitor to specifying these materials. But this is no longer the case. By embracing the opportunities provided by the anisotropic properties, component performance can be significantly enhanced. CMT have the tools and expertise to help you to do this. 

CMT, which is made up of CMT Plc and its subsidiary CMT Ltd, is an advanced materials technology group.

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